Rochester NH Rotary Club teamed up with Rochester Police Officers Michael Miehle, Eric Ball and Andrew Jackson to support the Rotary Club’s program to provide free identification kits to parents of First Graders in Rochester Schools. The program runs annually through Rotary and the kits provide parents with a place to keep samples of their children’s picture fingerprints, a DNA sample and other medical information that will be important to have on hand in the event their child goes missing.Proper collection of fingerprints requires a little bit of skill and practice and the Rochester Police are happy to provide their expertise for collecting the prints for parents kits. 
Susan Ford needs Rotarian's help for the following schools: 
McClelland School on March 8th, (5 volunteers this day)
Maple Street School on March 9th, (We only need about 3 volunteers max)
Arrival is 8:30 please arrive on time.  We will be done and out by 9 on the 9th and 9:30 on the 8th.
Email if you can help.