Rochester Rotary Charities at the January Board meeting has donated $5,000 as seed money for the Rochester Opera House Performance and Arts Center.The center will be located on North Main Street, in the former Carney Medical Supply Building. The building has been sitting empty for the past several years. This summer, the new performance and arts center is expected to open its doors. It will have several recording studios, a Rochester Museum of Fine Arts gallery, and a large performance space, in addition to rehearsal and prop storage space.

The performance space will double as a "state of the art" recording studio that will enable participants to record with a live audience of up to 100 people, said Anthony Ejarque, executive director of the Rochester Opera House. The new center is also looking for instructors of all types. There will likely be yoga classes and a variety of art and music classes for people of all ages. This project works supports  Rochester Rotary Charities mission“to support local nonprofit organizations, scholarships, youth groups, and senior groups.”